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Testing Services

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We have our own State of the Art Laboratory, as well as have tie up with other Certified Laboratories (NABL, MOeF), and can provide a wide range of testing services.

We can provide testing of soil, water, Fertilizer, Agriculture Produce, Nutaceuticals, Ayurvedic Products, Waste Water, Hazardous Waste, Effluent, Solid Fuel, Ambient Air, Source Emissions, etc.

We provide FOOD TESTING, which includes Milk and Dairy Products, Tea, Herbs, Spices, Organic produce, Condiments, Bakery and Confectionery, Namkeens, Cereals and Cereal Products, Edible fats and oils, Seafood, Jams/Juices, Fruits and Vegetables, etc

We also provide microbial testing of soil, water, food, and beverages.

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